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iKnow Community: CASI-F: Common Framework for the Assessment and Management of Sustainable Innovation

Uploaded by Rafael Popper 1525 days ago   Year of publication: 2017   Number of pages: 94   File's language: English   Views: 652

This report is the final version of CASI-F: A Common Framework for Assessment and Management of Sustainable Innovation. The framework was informed by a number of preceding tasks and includes inputs from seminars and workshops with a wide range of societal stakeholders, as well as recommendations and feedback gathered from innovators during the mapping of sustainable innovation (SI) initiatives and piloting of CASI-F implementation.

The testimonies of stakeholders are therefore presented within the report, in order to further validate the versatility, usefulness and effectiveness of CASI-F, as perceived by its users. The report presents the core of the CASI-F methodology, consisting of five mutually reinforcing sets of protocols and tools (or steps) that constitute the framework, namely: (Step 1) sustainability relevance and scanning; (Step 2) multi-criteria analysis and assessment; (Step 3) critical issue analysis and assessment; (Step 4) multi-level advice management; and (Step 5) action roadmaps management. Although the report marks the final contractual stop of the CASI-F journey, it also highlights the way forward and the potential for a new sustainability assessment and management framework (CASI-F) to thrive beyond the life of the project. Moreover, to further advance the uptake of CASI-F in Europe and the world, a free online training course on ‘Sustainable Innovation Assessment and Management: Widening Horizons on climate action, environment, resource e ciency and raw materials’ was developed by the authors to promote mobilisation and mutual learning in sustainable innovation and related topics.

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