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New Horizon Scanning Hub iPad App and Community launched!

By: Rafael Popper     Posted on: 10/10/2013     Last update: 3839 days ago

At the 2013 CfWI’s Annual Conference, we have proudly announced the launch of the Horizon Scanning Hub iPad App and the Hub Community. This is the first (and so far only!) Horizon Scanning iPad App in the world. It gives users easy access to the ideas bank and projects area of the Hub offline and on-the-go.  We are now working on adding further features, including the ability to read articles and check out the latest news. The App has been developed by the CfWI in partnership with the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR) at the University of Manchester and with Futures Diamond. The H­ub Community allows users to interact with the site and with other registered users.  It provides a forum for sharing of ideas and information, a... full article
How to edit your iKnow profile?

By: Rafael Popper     Posted on: 27/03/2012     Last update: 4401 days ago

This short presentation shows you how to update your iKnow profile. The following steps outline the process of the profile update: Step 1: Introduction 1. About me 2. Mini CV Step 2: Contact information 1. Email 2. Telephone 3. Mobile 4. Website Step 3: Basic information 1. Birthday privacy 2. Status settings 3. Gender apply 4. Title 5. Nationality 6. Mother tongue 7. Other spoken languages 8. Most prominent role 9. Education qualification Step 4: Primary work information 1. Type of employer 2. Location 3. Main activities Step 5: Secondary work information 1. Type of employer 2. Location 3. Main activities Step 6: Research information 1. Cooperative research 2. Individual research 3. Capacity building 4. Mobility research 5. JRC thematic pri... full article
iKnow Final Conference - Brussels, Belgium (27-28 October 2011)

By: Rafael Popper     Posted on: 08/10/2011     Last update: 4504 days ago

Conference on Taming the Wild & Listening to the Weak: Towards a Strategic Issue Management System for Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) The iKnow conference will present the new methods and tools developed by iKnow to support foresight, horizon scanning and forward-looking activities (FLA). The main objective of the conference will be to launch the key recommendations and outcomes coming from the project, with wider applications to the European Research Area and many related futures-oriented activities. The activities and outputs from half-a-dozen workshops, over 60 interviews, large-scale Delphi surveys, systematic horizon scanning of over 1,000 ERA-relevant issues, the Practical Guide on Wild Cards and Weak Signals and the ERA Toolkit, can be found on the... full article
Wild Cards - Preparing for the Unpredictable

By: Karlheinz Steinmueller     Posted on: 01/03/2011     Last update: 4738 days ago

Wild Cards – Preparing for the Unpredictable Karlheinz Steinmüller Z_punkt The Foresight Company, Berlin/Germany   Wild Cards in the Framework of Risk Assessment and Horizon Scanning In recent years, risk assessment and horizon scanning have gained increasing relevance for decision makers. This is not accidental. In a closely connected, utterly complex, globalized world, unpredictable change has become a constant phenomenon. Innovations drive economic development, they create opportunities and risks for economies, societies and the natural environment, and in most cases their impacts are at best uncertain. It may even be argued that all spheres of life are accelerated due to unceasing technological and social innovations. Under these conditions, conventional w... full article
R&D Training - helping you access European funds for R&D...

By: Anthony Walker     Posted on: 21/07/2010     Last update: 5016 days ago

RTC North has launched a suite of training packages to help organisations access the European Union's 50.5bn Euro pot for collaborative research & development. The team at RTC North has so far secured funding to the tune of £110 million for organisations across the North of the UK – money which is helping support over 160 different research projects. RTC North has now developed four key commercial training modules designed to for both novices and experienced research project managers. The programme can be delivered on an individual or group basis at a venue of your choice. The four modules are: ·         FP7 in a Nutshell ·         Advanced Proposal Writing &mid... full article

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New Horizon Scanning Hub iPad App and Community launched! by Rafael Popper

At the 2013 CfWI’s Annual Conference, we have proudly announced the launch of the Horizon Scanning Hub iPad App and the Hub Com...full article

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