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Future News - The mystery of 21 December 2012

The mystery of 21 December 2012

The mystery of 21 December 2012

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Various historic systems, both evolutionary (e.g. I-T’ing or systems of ancient Egypt or Indian system of Vedas, Bible – revelation of John the Baptist), and calendar (e.g. Mayan calendar, Platonian year) indicate that around the winter solstice of 2012, humankind is expected to face a crucial event, may it be in form of a spiritual transformation, world collapse, or just a new economic cycle. Perhaps the most sophisticated approach towards 2012 phenomenon was given by Terence and Dennis McKenna by a time-analysis (Time Wave Zero) of ancient Chinese system of I-T’ing (the Novelty Theory). The 2012 is nevertheless significant also from the astrological point of view: within the Platonian year, the planet Earth leaves Age of Pisces and enters the Age of Aquarius. Also in 2012, the reversal of poles of the Earth is envisaged.