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Foresight Brief No. 050 Knowledge Society Foresight
Download file 
Knowledge Society Foresight Euforia was a developmental project aimed at identifying and understanding issues and developments of ‘knowledge society’ (KS) at the level of EU15 as a whole, and i...
Uploaded by: Rafael Popper    Date upload: 7/7/2010    Views: 353
Foresight Brief No. 049 An Ethical Future for Biomedical RTD 2029
Download file 
The 2029 Project: Achieving an Ethical Future or Biomedical R+D launched by the IAF - Institute for Alternative Futures develops forecasts on the greatest advances that will come about ...
Uploaded by: Rafael Popper    Date upload: 6/7/2010    Views: 729
Foresight Brief No. 048 2020 Living in a Networked World
Download file 
Our public, private and professional lives will become interrelated and dependent on technology. This will lead to a 'networked world' in which separate technologies will be systematically inter...
Uploaded by: Rafael Popper    Date upload: 6/7/2010    Views: 439
Foresight Brief No. 047 Quebec S+T Development Based on Social Needs
Download file 
The STS Perspectives project is a foresight study examining Science-Technology-Society issues, designed to mobilize Quebec's scientific and technological resources in order to address important ...
Uploaded by: Rafael Popper    Date upload: 6/7/2010    Views: 412
Foresight Brief No. 046 Canada Looking Forward S+T 21C
Download file 
The NRC or National Research Council of Canada undertook a foresight exercise with a time horizon of 2020 to initiate planning for its strategic and organizational renewal. The exercise provided...
Uploaded by: Rafael Popper    Date upload: 6/7/2010    Views: 629
Foresight Brief No. 045 A Global Initiative on Technology Foresight
Download file 
UNIDO is implementing a global initiative on Technology Foresight. This draws upon regional initiatives and aims at building the capability to use Technology Foresight as a practical tool for de...
Uploaded by: Rafael Popper    Date upload: 6/7/2010    Views: 374