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Religion starts to dominate research ethics

Wild Card submitted by Tuomo Kuosa   / Comments (0)
Religion starts to dominate research ethics

Issue (WIWE) status: Submitted, Unpublished

Wild Card's progress: Basic

This Wild Card came from: 
European Commission Framework Programme for RTD

The theme/scheme related to this Wild Card: 
Theme 8 - Socio-economic Sciences and the Humanities

The sub-theme that best relates to this Wild Card: 
Changing role of knowledge throughout the economy

Likelihood timeframe and scenario features : 

Wild Card's description: 

By 2020 well funded religious cults and movements start to gain political, economical and ideological power. They move in all frontiers which finally leads to enormous political pressure. Finally, research ethics start to bend towards some religious thoughts. Funding to many new research fields suddenly ends and free value neutral research is replaced with value rational science.

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