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  • Basic education ends in the age of 18

    Basic education ends in the age of 18

    Basic education including highschool and first degree education (Bsc/BA) of today will be completed by the age of 18. Highschool education will be achieved by the age of 15 . Compulsory education system will include first degre...

  • The Collapse

    The Collapse

    The present civilisation will collapse due to major natural disasters together with catastrophic societal developments

  • The Genetic Blackmailer

    The Genetic Blackmailer

    Individual DNA is misused for extorsion.

  • Influence on weather conditions becomes possible

    Influence on weather conditions becomes possible

    The possibility to cause netural disasters originating from human interferance in weather becomes real. The developping capability existing today to control raincan open opportunities to deliberately cause changes in weather co...

  • "Manchurian Men" are practically used

    The successful development of Brain- Chip interfaces and the embedding/implanting capability of devices into the brain makes it possible to control brain information processing as well as remotely operating persons for various ...

  • world without secrets

    world without secrets

    The development and introduction of great varaiety of sensors and survailence systems with high level of interconnection and interoperability will create an environment in which every thing individuals are doing is traceable an...

  • A meteorite hit earth in a European geographical area

    A meteorite hit earth in a European geographical area

    An event in which a meteorite hits Europe might occure in the future and will have a huge impact on a great geographical area. Such an event can result in a huge number of casualties and collapse of major urbanic centres. Such ...

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  • Suicide bombing in Stockholm

    Suicide bombing in Stockholm

    A suicide bomber of UK citizenship caused two explosions in Stockholm streets on Saturday the 11th of December 2010 . neer Christmas shoppers. The bomber was killed in the attack. The bomber named Abdulwahab used to study in ...

  • Robot Swarm Intelligence

    Robot Swarm Intelligence

    Enhanced research on robot swarm intelligence might soon allow robots to communicate and build a system. Cooperation is organized, self-dynamic, and self-contained by intelligent robots. such capabilities are already demonstrat...

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