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iKnow Community: Jari Kaivo-oja

Jari Kaivo-oja

I am Research Director in Finland Futures Research Centre at the University of Turku

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Basic information
Gender :
Most prominent role :
Researcher in higher educational institution
Education qualification :
Research information
Interest in Cooperative research related to :
• Security
• Socio-economic Sciences and the Humanities
• Environment (including Climate Change)
• Energy
• Nanosciences, nanotechnologies, materials & new production technologies
• ICT - Information & communication technologies
Interest in Individual research related to :
• Interdisciplinary
• Social Sciences & Humanities
Interest in Capacity building research related to :
• Cooperation
• Science and society
Interest in JRC thematic priorities such as :
• Europe as a world partner
• Security and freedom
Type of research :
• Relevant for intergovernmental non-commercial external organisations (e.g. European Union, United Nations, OECD)
• Focused on a general area of commercial interest to business and/or industry
• Applied in a commercial context
Other type of research :
• Media and mass communication research
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  • Radical Transparency by Wikileaks

    Radical Transparency by Wikileaks

    How do we begin to make sense of Wikileaks, the Internet-based organization that publishes the secrets of governments and companies? What Wikileaks is, and whether it is good or bad for civil society, has become disputed terrai...

  • The DNA Transistor

    The DNA Transistor

    Many researchers now believe that that real advances in genomics will come not from simple X-causes Y correlations but from rich statistical understanding that emerges out of the sequences of millions of genomes. This set will ...

  • A Wandering, Plant-Eating Robot.

    A Wandering, Plant-Eating Robot.

    This robot gobbles up wood chips, leaves and other “biomass” and generates electricity. In the future, autonomous robots can roam the planet in search of raw biomass to consume for power. The EATR Robot can change the globa...

  • A Killer Water Filter

    A Killer Water Filter

    On in six people lacks access to clean water worldwide making diarrheal illness the leading cause of death globally. Novel materials promise better access to clean water around the world. Researchers have recently developed mob...

  • The Importance of Junk DNA

    The Importance of Junk DNA

    Genes make up only about 2 % of the human genome. The rest was for many years ignored as “junk DNA”. This space is an incredibly important part of the genetic code, home to a vast unexamined treasure trove of information th...

  • One Super Test

    One Super Test

    No any more one hundred tests. A cheap diagnostic warns couples against passing rare genetic diseases to their offspring. There is no need for one hundred tests, just for a test substituting one-hundred tests.

  • Human Number Crunchers

    Human Number Crunchers

    In the future research will be like a video game, in which computers finish second phases of research. Science can develop new games which help human to make progressive discoveries in bioinformatics, drug discovery and even in...

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  • Teenage CEOs Coming

    Teenage CEOs Coming

    Young teenage CEOs have succeed in many fields of industries, especially in the ICT business. Their success shows that you don’t need a fancy MBA to be an entrepreneur, Entpreneural spirit is a teen spirit.

  • Social TV

    Social TV

    Social media includes also Social TV. Social TV could improve the viewing experience and provide new business opportunities for carriers.

  • Crowdsourcing to Become a Powerful Crisis-management Tool

    Crowdsourcing to Become a Powerful Crisis-management Tool

    The Ushahidi project brings crowd­sourcing to bear on some of the most desperate situations people face around the world. Its downloadable software allows users to submit eyewitness reports during a conflict or disaster; the c...

  • A New Model of Chaos

    A New Model of Chaos

    Researchers develop a mathematical model that could help us make sense of how conflicts get messy. Researchers in the Cornell University describe a model for predicting how a social group will break apart during a turbulent split.

  • Obama´s goal: One Million e-cars on the US streets by 2015

    Obama´s goal: One Million e-cars on the US streets by 2015

    In his State of the Union speech, Obama set a goal of putting one million "electric cars" on the road by 2015.

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