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Type: Foresight network

EFP - European Foresight Platform

The European Commission under its Framework Programme 7 is providing the means to continue the important networking activities of foresight initiatives.

The Coordination and Support Action “EFP European Foresight Platform – supporting forward looking decision making” aims at consolidating the information and knowledge base on foresight in Europe and internationally. It reinforces foresight actions initiated under the 6th Framework Programme, in particular EFMN and ForLearn. By building on and integrating these two lines of activities, and by expanding their scope to cover also currently ongoing foresight actions of FP 7, as well as at national and international level, a unique knowledge hub for foresight-related information will be created to facilitate European foresight and forward looking exercises. The ultimate purpose of EFP is to better exploit foresight as a resource to support policy-making. The knowledge hub will be used in a series of national and European policy workshops, geared towards major future challenges to Europe.

If you are a foresight practitioner or are interested in foresight you can become a member of our community. You can also write to Susanne.Giesecke@ait.ac.at to learn more about the following three years, the activities planned and how you can contribute and be an active part of the network.

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