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Owner: Cornelia Daheim

Group members: 3

Type: Foresight institution


What We Do: Z_punkt is a consulting firm focusing on strategic future issues. We are experts in Corporate Foresight, i.e. in translating trend and future research into the real world of strategic management. We have been supporting the business community with Foresight Research and Foresight Consulting Services since 1997.


What Drives Us: What we do is based on one basic insight: Decision-makers have to act here and now, but must never let tomorrow out of their sights. We help them master this balancing act.


Our Strengths: Corporate Foresight bridges gaps. At Z_punkt, we recognize the connection between social change, technology drivers, and market shifts. And we have the tools to make this knowledge a productive factor in management, to transform it into practically relevant, application-oriented understanding. When researching future business options, we offer both sound analysis and refreshing creativity.


Our Performance: We are able to provide well-grounded information on trends and emerging issues in every global region. For us, being a consultancy means supporting decision-makers in strategic positioning, and when developing future-oriented product ranges and new business fields. In doing so, we dovetail thinking in short and long-term time horizons and guarantee both: actionability and forward-looking planning.


Our Customers: We work for the leading businesses in high-technology, service, and consumer goods industries. Over the years, we have gained in-depth knowledge, in particular in the following industries: ICT, energy, chemical, and automotive industries.


Our Network: Z_punkt is part of a global network of think tanks. We have partners not only in China, Russia, or the United States, but also in Finland, Denmark, or Luxembourg. A large number of collaborations (e.g. within the framework of the International Foresight Group, which was founded by Z_punkt) has given us comprehensive expertise in all major markets. 

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