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Manchester Institute of Innovation Research

Innovations - new products, services and ways of making or doing things - are fundamental to business success and to economic growth and development. Manchester is one of the founding centres for the study of science, technology and innovation. The Manchester Institute of Innovation Research builds on a forty year old tradition of study in the area. More...

World class research

Manchester has been rated number one in a world survey of publications in the field of innovation research. Institute staff teach, publish and advise on all aspects of innovation research. Their research explores issues around public policy for science, technology and innovation, innovation studies, technology and innovation management, foresight and sustainability. More...

Study with us

We are a leading destination for postgraduate and post-experience teaching in the areas of innovation studies, technology management and technology and innovation policy. Our doctoral programme and dedicated Masters degree in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship attract students from all over the world.

Short courses

For professionals we also offer study visits and specialist short courses -

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