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Type: Other foresight project

Centre for Workforce Intelligence (CfWI)

Who we are
The Centre for Workforce Intelligence (CfWI) is the new national authority on workforce planning and development providing advice and information to the NHS and social care system. Our mission is to become the primary source of workforce intelligence for health and social care. We produce quality intelligence to inform better workforce planning, in order to improve people's lives.

Scope and objectives
The objective will be to develop a methodology of horizon scanning which enables the identification of future workforce skills for a particular care pathway. Being a methodology, this will involve several specific methods, together with the rationale for selecting specific tools and approaches. A toolkit for horizon scanning, which will set out and exemplify this methodology will be developed from a pilot case study – we propose that this focus on an aspect of care for older people (possibly care in the community). The pilot case study will involve in particular the methods of scanning of literature and datasets; interviews with key stakeholders; and two workshops.

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