Benefit from change in the external macro environment

By: Rene van der Burgt


foresightcardsThe world is changing rapidly. If we look back a few months it seems that nothing really happens, however if we look back a few years, everything has changed. Many companies, departments and people are busy conducting their daily work. What would be a better approach? Showing the world is changing or engaging them to discover this themselves.


Of course both methods addressed the problem. By using them both will return the best results, but how? Sending information and give presentations is relatively easy and there are a lot of sources where people can find new trends, developments and driving forces for the future.  But this raises the question how do we engage people?

With the Foresight deck of cards you’ll have the right tool to engage people in a conversation about change. 


Creating business

Every company perceives opportunities and threats from the environment, however most companies don’t succeed in addressing future changes early enough to gain a strategic head start. Perhaps only to follow the rhythm of changes in the market. There are several organizational methods that address these kinds of problems. Usage of the Foresight cards can be applied on several levels of the company. Let’s take a look at two examples:


Strategic decision making
As a board of directors or as business managers you can enhance your strategic decisions by enforcing different conditions of change from the macro or contextual environment. This will help to gain more insight into each other’s views on the discussed problem and helps you think about different possibilities, consequences or solutions. By using the whole set or a selection of the photo’s provided by the foresight cards you can actively discuss and learn about different forces and their drivers of change.


Creating awareness from strategic to operational level
Occasionally businesses want to change their course of action, however they may can encounter some resistance and borders within their own organization. In many cases people aren’t aware that change is needed to maintain the match between customer needs and your products and services. Creating a foresight discussion in multidisciplinary teams regarding change helps people to understand and in this case not just by presenting facts to deal with but by playing actively with different forces and their drivers of change.

Educational usage

The change caused from the environment has an effect on almost every job and work area. By using the Foresight Cards, educational institutes and courses can benefit from it as a tool to help students gain insight by themselves. Handing out the Foresight Cards by letting them play or design their own game with the usage of the external environment and patterns of change card this results in an active learning experience.


International context
The card deck is multilingual which is a huge benefit for international groups of people. Everyone has a different view about a certain topic in the set, as you can imagine talking about these subjects from different perspectives, enriches the minds of everyone.


Foresight to a better world

There is a strong believe that when people think about the future and possibilities of change, that the decisions we make are taken more into consideration and future proof. The Foresight deck of cards is literally food for thought and it has the power to get people talking about beliefs, idea’s and drivers of change. However the question remains, how do you want to approach this matter? By showing examples or actively engaging conversation?