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European response to major changes in global foreign direct investment strategies.

009European response to major changes in global forei...

Blue sky Policy Alert 009

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Author(s)Joe Ravetz, Rafael Popper, Rob Ashworth, Thordis Sveinsdottir
Contributor(s)David Alexander, Alastair Brown, Tony Diggle, Pierre Rossel, Anna Sacio, John Turnpenny
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Inspired byBrainstorming session and group discussions in the iKNOW Workshop in Manchester (February 2010)
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European response to major changes in global foreign direct investment strategies.

Research topic

Contemporary society relies on a globalised and market economy system driven by international trade and foreign direct investment strategies of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and transnational companies (TNCs). As new states enter the system, many of which have the potential of becoming major players it is vital that an understanding of the current system is gained in order to predict how it will respond to large scale changes and also to prepare current stakeholders for the possibility of vast changes to the market environment.



Research could focus on examining the nature of outward foreign direct investment strategies (OFDI). Research could focus on developing strategic country-specific OFDI options for EU Member States. Research could identify areas of vulnerability (e.g. natural resources). Research could furthermore use foresight methodologies to examine how European society could be prepared for a significant change in trade, investment and technological leadership patterns in developing countries.


Expected impact

Research should aim to a) inform the development of strategic OFDI for EU Member States; b) devise strategies for major changes in OFDI of key economic actors; c) monitor and analyse OFDI strategies of major SOEs and TNCs; d) inform relevant policy, legislation and regulation across EU; e) inform business enterprise and innovation in this field.


Importance for Europe

In order for the EU’s continuing successful participation in the market system, research is key in forming a response to imminent changes. It is vital that any response, which would endeavour to monitor and respond to this shift, is informed by research which aims to understand the changes as well as predict foreseeable implications these may have. It is furthermore important that the EU recognises any current weaknesses in its systems in order to strengthen their participation in as many areas of trade and business as possible. It is also of great importance that the EU forms a coherent response that could guide member states in forming their own responses, in accordance to changes to their circumstances.


Disclaimer: The wild card presented in this brief may not happen at all or in the near future. iKNOW is a new EU funded research project aimed to explore surprising events (wild cards) and emerging issues (weak signals) potentially shaping or shaking the future of Europe and the world.