The world is changing rapidly. If we look back a few months it seems that nothing really happens, however if we look back a few years, everything has changed. Many companies, departments and people are busy conducting their daily work. What would be a better approach? Showing the world is changing or engaging them to discover this themselves.   Of course both methods addressed the problem. By using them both will return the best results, but how? Sending information and give presentations is relatively easy and there are a lot of sources where people can find new trends, developments and driving forces for the future.  But this raises the question how do we engage people? With the Foresight deck of cards you’ll have the right tool to engage people in a conversation ab...

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iKNOW's Wi-We Tag Cloud

The iKNOW project has successfully developed a dynamic three dimensional (3D) tag cloud to visualise keywords associated to more than 400 wild cards and weak signals (wi-we) potentially shaping or shaking the future of science, technology and innovation in Europe and the world. To visit iKNOW's tag cloud, please click here. A Yellow tag/keyword indicates that we have more wild cards associated to that tag. A Green tag/keyword indicates that we have more weak signals associated to that tag. A Blue tag/keyword indicates that we have a balanced number of wild cards and weak signals associated to that tag. ...

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Understanding Foresight and Horizon Scanning (FHS) by Rafael Popper

Futures research (including Foresight and Horizon Scanning) has emerged as a key instrument for the development and implementation of research and inn...Read blog

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