iKNOW's Wi-We Tag Cloud

The iKNOW project has successfully developed a dynamic three dimensional (3D) tag cloud to visualise keywords associated to more than 400 wild cards and weak signals (wi-we) potentially shaping or shaking the future of science, technology and innovation in Europe and the world. To visit iKNOW's tag cloud, please click here. A Yellow tag/keyword indicates that we have more wild cards associated to that tag. A Green tag/keyword indicates that we have more weak signals associated to that tag. A Blue tag/keyword indicates that we have a balanced number of wild cards and weak signals associated to that tag. ...

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Understanding Foresight and Horizon Scanning (FHS) by Rafael Popper

Futures research (including Foresight and Horizon Scanning) has emerged as a key instrument for the development and implementation of research and inn...Read blog

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